Lost and Found

I strayed from His presence
I thought I would find freedom
I thought I would gain great riches
I thought I could find more joy
But I did not

I found myself in darkness
I was struck by evil men
They struck me and caused pain
Then the LORD crushed me
For I had betrayed Him

Then I turned home 
My eyes swollen
My limbs bruised
My body crushed
Stomach emptied

The LORD took pity on me
He wiped my tears
Healed my limbs
He straightened my back
Filled my stomach

Though my name was dirty
Though I hade no honor
He shined my name like gold
He raised me above the highest kings
His grace has made me great

O child in darkness!
O lost brother!
O confused sister!
Follow the savior!
He is the only guide home!

The road home is narrow and steep
None can find it without a guide!
None can follow it without falling!
So follow in the saviors footsteps!

By TKH Hamilton 



I always thought we would stand together
I thought you’d be with me at the very end
We’d storm hades together
We’d laugh together
We’d stare down everything evil

I never thought I’d look to my side
Only to find you weren’t there
When did I lose you?
Where did they take you?
How did I miss it?

Do you know what you were?
Do you know who you were to me?
We were never enemies
We were never supposed to fight
We were brothers

So brother of mine
I want you to know I love you
I wept with you for your father
I wept for you with our father
I weep because you are so far from home

If you are Prometheus 
Who hates the God
Who rages against his work
Who shall I be?
I think I am Pandora 

My box has but one thing
When ready I’ll give hope living

By TKH Hamilton 

Hate and Love

I hate what happened
What happened to us
What happened to you
What happened in the dark
I hate what happened

I hate that we lost
How you lost your dad
How you lost your faith
How I lost my brothers
I hate that we lost

I hate the dark
How it consumes
How it blinds us
How it lies so well to us
I hate the dark

I hate the distance
The way we grew apart
The way that we don’t talk
The way that we stopped being brothers
I hate the distance

I hate failure
When I fall short
When I forgot to love you
When we didn’t try to understand
I hate failure

I hate the hate
I hate your hatred
I hate my hatred
I hate our hatred
I hate the hate

I hate
I hate
I hate
I hat
I ha
I h

I l
I lo
I lov
I love
I love 
I love

I love true love
I love you my brother
I love relationship
I love what can still be
I love true love

I love redemption
How it is unexpected
How it is undeserved
How it changes us
I love redemption

I love closeness
How we need it
How it builds us
How we grow in it
I love closeness

I love the light
How it reveals us
How it lets us know each other
How it demands the best of us
I love the light

I love what I gained
I found new faith
I found new friends
I found new roads
I love what I gained

I love what might happen
That there is still hope
That the day is yet young
That redemption is still here
I love what might happen

By TKH Hamilton

I Can Not Say It

I can not say it
I can’t 
I shoved the words away
Never to see light

Can not say it
You won’t make me
I’ll keep my secret
No matter what you do
You won’t hear it

Not say it
Not with my lips
No, not with words
My lips tell you
My heart beat sings it

Say it
But it ends
Every single time
Maybe you are different

Eight letters
Three words
One thought 
Zero shame

I love you
By TKH Hamilton

Wasted time

Like sand,
slamming out of the hour glass. 
My time 
Tumbles out of me
I’m unaware
Undone by my lack of mindfulness
I watch
Waste away my days 
Where does it go
When time eludes
When I lose it 
Like sand in a sieve
Slipping through my holes
Of bad planning
Of overcommitment
The world walks away

By TKH Hamilton

A Riddle

His ne’er broke
But when it stopped
Her did break
And ne’er stopped

What broke?
What stopped? 

And If you know
The answer friend
To my easy one
Here’s ‘nother for you

Who was the lucky one,
Of our unlucky two?

By TKH Hamilton 

Psalm of Victory

Lord where do my enemies go?
Why do they flee from me? 
They had caught me and beat me
They drew lots for my possessions before my eyes
And yet
Before they finished me off they fled

Lord they flee from you!
Your glory repels them!
Lord though I was guilty
You pardoned me
You placed your hand on my shoulder
You announced in your courts:
“From today onward he is a member of our house!”

Lord you are my shield
You go before me and guard me
Lord your word is like a sword
It rips apart your enemies 
You  are like a wild lion
Only a fool taunts your power!

Lord you have shattered my enemies!
You have burned even their ashes!
Those who survive spread word of your victory!
Lord all stand in awe of your deeds!
They sing your praise in the streets!

O Lord your love washes over me!
It makes my tongue like a spring
It lets the love bubble out!
Lord I could not hide it if I wanted to!
For you have saved me
Forever I shall thank you!

By TKH Hamilton