A Long Way from Home: A Poem and Explanation

If home is where the heart does hide

Then there I’ll try to go
By salty sky or starry sea
I’ll go both high and low
Yet home is where my family lives
And they are still with me
Though brothers I have lost as well
Hellfire burned family tree
But home is where the songs all are
And silence is my peer
The road I walk is long and dark
The streets are filled with fear
Still home is where the table’s set
Oh I can smell it now
I’ll find food, friends, and family
I’ll make it there somehow
Oh home is where the peace is
But I’m a child of war
It is for King I march along
I fight to settle His score
So home is where I’m going 
To those places yet to see
With friends I haven’t met yet
It’s a long way home for me
By TKH Hamilton 
So a little bit about all this. Being an unashamed Christian I know this world isn’t home. It’s a little bit like being a pilgrim. I’m off on a path traced out long before my time. A path that was beat out long before me by the patriarchs, prophets, disciples, and apostles. Not just by them but by those that came after them and so on and so forth to the present day. Each one left footprints for the next to see. Footprints to warn, encourage, and guide. So as I walk this path myself, I leave these poems and stories as my own footprints. They are all with the hope that even one person is brought one step closer to the God who loves them. But in the end I am just a pilgrim a long way from home. 
Soli Deus Gloria,
The Poet Player,
TKH Hamilton 

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