Penumbra: Baron (Part 3 of 3)

Penumbra: Nightmare Episode 6

Part 3 of 3

“Soldiers. Fire!” Screeched the Baron before the four assault rifles leveled on the three agents. 

“LET THERE BE LIGHT!” Clark’s voice boomed. The room shook and a fantastic flash filled the room. The soldiers and the Baron raised their arms to defend themselves. Mark charged forward his blade swinging down on the Baron. Julia turned a table over and aimed a shot on an unsuspecting soldier. Three bolts of green light slammed into the man’s torso and he crumbled. Julia dropped behind the table as a salvo of bullets raced towards her. A flash of white light raced forward from Clark’s eyes and flung another soldier back into a wall. The sound of sickening cracks filled the air on impact. 

The Baron slid back and dropped into a fencing position as Mark’s blade swung inches from his face. Mark’s next blow was a slash at the torso, but the Baron simply knocked it away with a tap of his saber. The Baron took a quick swipe at Mark, who blocked with his blade. The Baron let his swipe open him up and Mark lunged at the seemingly exposed Baron. The Baron stepped from his feint and grabbed one of Mark’s wrists. He gave a pull and Mark tumbled, as he passed the Baron slammed the pommel straight down on Mark’s skull. 

“DummKopf!” The Baron said as he twirled his blade. “Did you really believe you could match me?” His blade came up and seemed to gleam cruelly in the blackness. 

“It gave them an opening.” Mark ‘s voice bellowed calmly out of his coat, seemingly amplified by the collar. The Baron paused before white and green light struck him. in the black in a splendid flash. Mark took the opportunity to rise before the Baron’s hand cackled with electricity that blasted towards Julia and The Night Light. 

“That voice.” Mumbled Baron Von Todersfurcht. He lunged again and the two fell to blows. The Baron seemed to fight on the defensive, allowing Mark’s powerful two handed swings push him back. Whenever he caught Julia or The Night Light lining him up, he would toss a bolt of lightening to hold them at bay. 

“Stop dancing and fight!” Bellowed Mark as his blows seemed to slow. His ragged breath seemed amplified through the coat. 

“DummKopf.” The Baron lunged forward and sliced across Mark’s chest. The blow carried him to the side of the stunned agent and the blade made a swift swipe from shoulder to hip. Baron Von Todersfurcht raised his hand and let loose another blast of lightning. Mark collapsed on the ground and Todersfurcht leaned in to whisper in his ear. Then he rose and sheathed his blade. “Auf Wiedersehen Shepherd, your colleague has provided me with more pressing business.” With that, Todersfurcht raised his hand and sent a blinding spray of lightning at the agents. Julia ducked behind cover as the hairs on her back stood up. When she aimed her weapon to fire again on the Baron. He was gone. 

By TKH Hamilton 


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