Penumbra: Baron (Part 2 of 3)

Penumbra Nightmare: Episode 6

Part 2 of 3

“Clark? Agent Shepherd?” Mark’s voice echoed around the mess hall. She turned and her breath released slowly. “I wasn’ interruptin’ anythin’ right?” 

“Negative.” Clark replied with a gentle smile. Mark stepped up to the table and slowly sat down. He was still wearing his long coat and hat as he lowered himself to the bench. His face contorted in visible struggle as he did so. “You appear to be in near agony Mark.”

“I bit off more ‘an I coul’ chew wit’ the trainin'” Mark muttered. He shrugged his shoulders before smiling at Julia. “So uh I guess Cindy tol’ y’all ’bout Friday.” 

Before Julia could answer the lights flickered and went out. Julia’s blaster was in her hand in a flash. With a gentle hum the yellow blade of light appeared in the corner of her eye. Mark flipped the collar of his coat up and had his hands gripped tight around his lightsword. The sound of heavy boots came down the hallway. They echoed in the room and bounced off every surface. 

“Agent Shepherd. What an honor to finally meet you.” A deep baritone voice came down one hall. The black cap and red mantle came around the corner. One eye slowly scanned the room until it found the three agents. In the lightsword’s glow, the eyepatch and golden skulls glistened cruelly as the invader sauntered into the mess hall. Four men in black armor with assault rifles marched in behind him. One hand reached just beneath the mantle and slowly drew a saber of cold black metal from it. “I am Baron Von Todersfurcht and I am here to kill you.” 


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