Penumbra: Baron (Part 1 of 3)

Penumbra: Nightmare Episode 6
Part 1 of 3

Julia felt her cycle’s engine stop as she parked it in the base’s garage. She sat in the quiet for a few moments not daring to look over at the long empty parking spot. She took a deep breath, and dismounted walking straight past it. Julia felt her limbs begin to ache from the exertion as the adrenaline faded away. Her coat and hat found hooks as she entered the long quiet halls of the base. The thought of food and rest led her first to the mess hall, with long empty tables. Perhaps the fact that the mess hall was made for a hundred people made it feel all the more empty. Julia gripped the cup of instant noodles and found a spot among the empty benches.

The mess hall wasn’t quiet, it was silent. The sort of silence that made plain that something was missing. Except right now, it was clear that some one was missing. It didn’t feel like home anymore. 

“Mind if I join you Julia?” Clark’s voice shattered the loneliness. Julia smiled and gestured across the table. Clark sat down and placed his own cup across from hers. “Was your evening particularly treacherous?” 

“No, but Mark’s new bikes are uncomfortable to say the least.” Julia grinned at Clark. “I’d trade nearly anything to have Paradisio back.”

“As would I, not in small part for the driver.” Clark remarked stirring his soup. Julia shifted uncomfortably, the memory of the fight between Clark and Σ played out in her mind. Julia shivered as she remembered the sound of Clark’s bones snapping from the blows of Σ’s battle armor. “Σ did not mean to cause harm to me.”

“Could have fooled me.” Julia mumbled. The two sat in silence for a moment. “You know him better than I do.”

“Affirmative, and I have been careful not to allow that information to reach Agent King.” They both smiled. “Have you seen the manner in which Cindy interacts with him?” 

“Yeah she gave him her signature hair flip and everything.” Julia rolled her eyes. Clark leaned in. They both knew enough of Cindy’s antics to know what that meant. “She wants you and I to come with her to hang out with him.” 

“I would greatly enjoy that.” Clark said. For a second Julia felt her heart race. Before she could say anything though, the sound of someone running down the hall broke her focus.


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