Penumbra: Look Both Ways (part 4 of 4)

Penumbra: Nightmare Episode 5

Part 4 of 4

Before the car could move an inch Feleysa felt something scoop her up and pull her out of the way. She gasped as she felt the heat from the shadow car as it passed within inches of her. Then she felt herself pulled up and onto a seat in front of someone driving away. Her head tipped back and she saw that her rescuer was a young woman in a long black coat. She rode on a sleek silver motor cycle and was driving back towards the park. The bike slid to a stop right in front of Tania. The rider grabbed Feleysa, lifted her up, and set her down next to Tania. The young woman smiled down at the two of them. 

“Hey kiddos, we’re here to kill some monsters.” The girl said before drawing a silver weapon from her coat. 

“FELEYSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUHUHUHUHUHUH!” Came a voice out of the car. The voice seemed to slur the end of the name straight into a terrible cackle. Feleysa squeaked in terror. The older girl gripped her weapon in both hands and pointed at the car. 

“I said I was here to protect you. This bully won’t get past me.” A set of green lights lit up along the side of the weapon and she squeezed the trigger. A burst of green light flashed out of the front of it. Three bolts blasted into the car and ripples of green burst across the surface. The car flashed and careened away. It struck the gutter and flipped over. The wheels slowed and the shadow began to turn to mist. A dull metallic hand reached out of the wreckage and pulled a body out behind it. Less of a body and more of a skeleton, a dull metal skeleton tied together by orange and red flame sinew. It pushed itself up and onto it’s knees. It’s skull turned back towards the girls and from one side of the jaw to the center of the forehead was missing. The only other eye was an orange gemstone. 

“FELEYSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUHUHUHUHUHUH!!!” Cackled the creature as it pointed a skeletal hand. The hand glowed red and a blast of energy struck the ground behind them. The older girl scooped Tania and Feleysa up under her arms. She let loose another volley of green blasts as she ran, but the extra weight sent her shots wide. The three began to run as another silver bike rushed in. In a flash of orange light and black sparks. The creature snarled and let loose another set of red bursts as the biker made another pass. She leaned down and the girls saw a flare of orange like a lance in front of her. The two impacted, the skeleton was driven down into the ground. The sound of metal on asphalt screeched into the night sky. The bike turned and the girl with the blaster set Tania and Feleysa down. She took the weapon in both hands and fired again and again. 

“This! Place! Is! Protected!” She shouted, each word punctuated by another green burst. Feleysa watched as something changed in the creatures face as the riders had interposed themselves. The creature shuddered and the green, red, and orange swirled. The colors faded leaving only the dull grey bones. The bones collapsed into dust and left only a dull orange gemstone. The rider with the lance scooped up the gemstone and pocketed it quietly. The other rider led the girls back to their homes and delivered them to their parents. 

Feleysa watched the window after her mama had tucked her in. In the middle of the night she saw two silver riders cruise past. Maybe the place wasn’t safe, but it was protected. 

By TKH Hamilton


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