Penumbra: Look Both Ways (part 3 of 4)

Penumbra: Nightmare Episode 5

Part 3 of 4

The next day passed like the day before. Every little sound set Feleysa off. Every flash of light made her want to hide. Every excitement set her heart rate skyrocketing. Her chest felt as though a dozen tiny knights were inside swinging a ram against her ribs. 







When Feleysa got off the bus she stared longingly across the street. The playground seemed to be an oasis of fun. However she was separated from it by a tarry river of terror. The various skid marks and cracks seemed to form rapids in the street. 

“Come on Feleysa!”

Deep breath in. 

Look right.

Deep breath out.

Look left.

Deep breath in.

Run across the street. 

When Feleysa’s feet hit the ground she gasped for breath. Glancing over her shoulder she shuddered at the thought of the smile she was sure she could see burned into the asphalt. Feleysa turned towards the playground again and ran towards it. 

The two girls played for hours and hours. They didn’t even notice the sharp buzzing noise that signaled their usual time to return home. In fact, it wasn’t until the sun started to dip beneath the horizon and bathe the playground in reds and oranges did they realize that the time to be home had long past. Most of the streetlights were already on. Feleysa hurled herself down the slide and across the wood chips. Tania’s cries for her to slow down fell on deaf ears as she bolted back towards the asphalt river. As she came to the edge, she halted.


As Feleysa entered the street, still looking left, the car appeared. It came seemingly from nowhere. Her eyes bulged to take in the vehicle of shadow wreathed in flame. Flames rocketed from behind it. As it now faced towards her she could see a skull made of flame blazed on the grill of the car, it’s mouth gaping as though it aimed to devour her whole. The sight made her miss step, fall, scrape her elbows and knees and lie prone in the street. As she tried to push up off the ground, she heard the engine rev. Pillars of smoke rose as the tires spun round and round, ready to rip her to shreds. Hours of flame billowed from the exhaust as the engine grew louder and louder. It drowned at all sound. It drowned out all thought. It drowned out all, but one thing. It drowned out a single breathless whisper. 



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