Penumbra: School (part 2 of 2)

Penumbra: Nightmare Episode 4

Part 2 of 2

Class passed. Just like every other day. Then the next class. Then the one after that. Then the one after that. Julia found her way back to her locker and grabbed her bags. 

“Jewels!” Cindy shouted towards her. Julia looked over at Cindy. “Hey so you have plans Friday night?” 

“No I don’t think so.” Julia frowned. 

“So uh maybe you can come with Mark and I, and bring you know who.” Cindy winked and gave Julia a light punch on the arm. Julia rolled her eyes and locked the locker. “Awe come on Jewels! Just to hang out.” Whined Cindy, in that voice that Julia had heard a thousand times. 

“Alright I’ll make sure I’m off.” Julia replied with a sigh. 

“Awe come on, I know you’re just looking for an excuse to ask him out.” Cindy punctuated the whole thing with a flurry of jabs at Julia. 

“Riiiiight.” Julia responded batting away the last couple of playful jabs. 

“Don’t deny it!” Cindy giggled as she waved bye to Julia. Julia leaned against her locker, felt for her badge in her pocket, and slowed her breathing. All the way in the nose. All the way out the mouth. All the way in the nose. All the way out the mouth. All the way in the nose. Bam. Out. The jump felt like a basketball in the gut. She coughed as she felt the world slip away beneath her and around her. Julia opened her eyes to the bright light of the base. The emblem of the shield and candle was blazed on the wall in front of her, twice as tall as she was. With a soft thud, Mark King walked straight into the wall. Apparently he had timed the yawn in step with his walking. He backed up and frowned. 

“Ouch. It’s further at the academy.” He sighed, smiling over at Julia. Julia stared back at him. 

“Didn’t know you would be in class.” 

“You ‘n Clark do.” He shrugged. 

“We grew up here.”

“Did ya?” He asked tilting his head. “You and Clark?” He asked slowly.

“Yes.” Julia replied. Mark tilted his head. 

“When did you meet Clark?” He asked slowly making sure to pronounce every letter. Julia stepped back and thought. There was no memory of meeting him. It had been forever ago. They had met in grade school, but she couldn’t remember when. She was sure they had met then, but as she moved through the memories, she had no solid memories. Her first solid memory was of him getting beat up in seventh grade, four years ago. Every memory before that was a blur. She looked back over at Mark, but he was already gone.

By TKH Hamilton


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