Penumbra: New Kid (part 1 of 2)

Penumbra: Nightmare Episode 3
The blade called for blood. The killer couldn’t even remember who he had been before. He stalked through the shadows of Smallfield’s community park. The knife was shrouded in a thin screen of black smoke as the killer saw his prey. A young man in a black suit and a black brimmed hat, clutched at a briefcase and stared into the face of his wrist watch. The killer flipped the blade and raised it above his head. He began to lunge down and caught the reflection in the watch face. The killer saw the young man’s face reflected in the watch, and saw a smile. With lightning reflexes the man swung the brief case around. The killer felt a hard thud as the case slammed into his ribs. He stumbled into the light as the man stepped back. 

“Evenin’.” The man said with a grin. The killer simply snarled. His muscles tensed and he gripped the black dagger. The serrated edge on the front emerged from the smoke like the fins of sharks in a stormy sea. The killer gritted his teeth and snarled. The young man adjusted his neck tie and smiled back at his assailant. The knife lanced forward like a viper as the young man caught the blade in the briefcase. With a hard twist the briefcase went spinning and clattered down the path. 

The killer needed the knife. He dove with all his strength for the briefcase. The knife gave him speed and power like no ordinary man. His body flung itself forward and then in a flash he found himself on his back. The killer gasped as the breath exploded from his body. Stars burst in his eyes as he tried to gather what had happened. The killer rolled over and stood up. He raised his fists as the other man smiled at him. 

“Oh man this’s so cool!” The young man said with a pump of his fist. The killer jabbed at the prey only to have him just barely step back. A second jab and the boy tapped it just out of the way. The killer gave a quick feint for another jab and instead flung a hard haymaker with his right hand. The punch never made contact. The boy’s front leg whipped up in a crescent kick, deflecting the blow. A second later, a second kick cracked down on the back of the killer’s head. His vision went black before the boy’s heel crushed his nose. “Ada Whitehorn. Six years old. Your first victim.” The boy slammed a chop into the killer’s throat. “You slit her throat. Luke Cunningham.” A blow landed in the chest, followed by the sickening snap of ribs. “Tori,” knee to the groin. “Alice,” Hans clapped the ears and thumbs gouged out the right eye. “Lastly, you Kevin. This is what that blade has done. All those lives. And in the end-” Kevin heard the sound of a buzz like a bug zapper being turned on. Then the noise got clearer and higher and-


Penumbra: Broken

Penumbra: Nightmare Episode 2
Clark wrapped his sweaty fingers around the bar bell. His muscles strained as he pressed the bar off his chest. Up and down. Up and down. Up and- 


The bar collided with E’s waiting hands. Clark gritted his teeth and tensed his muscles. His back rose an inch off the bench and his feet stamped hard at the floor. 

“Come on!” E screamed as Clark gave one last shove. The bar raised and finally racked itself. “Good work Clark. Three hundred pounds on three reps, that puts you back at fifty percent strength.” E stuck his hand out and helped the heaving Clark off the bench. 

“Fifty percent.” Clark sighed, rolling his shoulders out and resting. His body still aches from the pounding he had taken a few weeks ago at the hands of agent Σ. His every breath had been a sharp reminder that Σ’s trust had been as broken as Clark’s own ribs. “Well I suppose my predicament could be significantly worse.” 

“He really tore you up.” E remarked passing a water bottle to Clark. The two had worked together as much as had been possible. Σ hadn’t returned since the battle with Baron Von Todersfurcht, the night after fighting Clark. “I’m not surprised that he didn’t come back.” 

“Clark?” A soft voice came into the training room. 

“Julia, it is excellent to see you.” Clark smiled as the soreness was already beginning to seep into his muscles. He slowly rose from the bench and smiled at her. 

“You look better.” She smiled at him before crinkling her nose. “But you smell far far worse.” She smiled and pinched her nose. 

“Well I am sure I am less foul smelling than Orange.” Laughed Clark. Julia smiled and E chuckled at the joke. Slowly the silence came back stifling. 

“Did you hear the news?” Julia asked, slowly pushing a hand weight across the ground with her foot. 

“A replacement from the Academy.” E said. “We have to face the facts. Σ isn’t coming back.”
By TKH Hamilton

Penumbra: Nurse

Penumbra: Nightmare Episode 1
It wasn’t a quiet place, that was the first thing Sammy noticed. There was always someone speaking, and all the machines seemed to whir or beep incessantly. The darkened shadows seemed to dance on the wall as she lay in the stiff bed. Every now and again the sound of something scraping against the window gave her reason to flick her head over. Her heart hammered and her breath came hot and shallow. The machines beeps came closer and closer together until-



“Hello Sammy.” A voice spoke into the darkness. The door slowly swung open and as liver of orange light rolled across the room. It fell just below the foot of the bed, and cut the terror just beyond the window off from her. The nurse stepped in and smiled at her. “My name’s Clark, I am a CNA. I am going to check your vitals.” Sammy nodded slowly, her eyes lay fixed on the window. In the shifting shadows she was certain something was lurking out there. “Can you not sleep?” The nurse asked as he pumped up the blood pressure cuff. Sammy just shook her head, her eyes fixed on the window. Again the sound of something striking the window came across the room. The nurse glanced over and strode to the other side of the room. He gave out the window and frowned.

“Shoo.” He rebuked whatever thing lurked just beyond. For the first time in the night, there was a quiet. The nurse turned back and read off a few more numbers, scratching them down onto a clip board. He reached into his pocket and drew out a small flashlight. The nurse laid it down gently on the side table. “If he comes back, just flash that at him.” The nurse said as he finished with her signs. He gave her a gentle smile and left the room. Sammy gripped the light and aimed it straight out the window. 

“Pew.” She whispered as she flipped the switch. A beam of light raced forward and struck the window. Sammy rested easy the rest of that night. For when the light struck the window, there was nothing there. 

By TKH Hamilton 

Penumbra: Tormenter

Penumbra: Nightmare Episode 0
The dream began again. The same dream. The same dream. The same dream. Julia couldn’t move. She should run. She couldn’t run. She tried to strain her muscles, will them to move, but they couldn’t. 

“It’s no secret that time is fluid in dreams.” The voice spoke. The same voice. The same voice. The same voice. It was calm and strong, deep and measured. It spoke as though it was a professor beginning a lecture. “We may dream of days long past and wander through our memories. More importantly though, man has seen visions of the future in dreams.” Suddenly the room filled with a blinding light. Julia tried to turn away, but felt her head restrained. The sudden light was eclipsed by the silhouette of the speaker. It raised a mask to its currently featureless face and leaned in. Julia saw herself in the opaque lab goggles above the clean white mask. Her face was streaked with dried blood and sweat. Trails ran through the grime from her blood shot eyes down off her face. “I am your Tormenter. You will finish the sentences.” 

“Please no.” Julia whimpered. The next part would hurt. It always hurt. It always hurt. It always hurt. 

“We have nothing to-” the voice began behind the mask. It stopped just short and let her finish. 

“I don’t-” Julia began before a hot pain streaked up from her right foot. A blood curdling scream echoed around the room. 

“Fear.” The voice said with a sigh. “Fear, Julia. Next sentence.”

“I don’t understand.”

“The year is-” The voice said again, ignoring her plea.

“Twenty- Aghhhhh!” Screamed Julia as a shocking pain arced across her left hip. 

“Wrong.” The voice intoned, sounding bored behind the mask. “We have nothing to-”

“I don’t- Aghhhhhh!!!” Howled Julia as a blow smashed into her sternum.

“Fear. The year is-”

“Twenty-” another scream as pain exploded on her lower back.

“Wrong. We have nothing to-” 

“I told you-” another inhuman scream cut her short as something cut across her left thigh. 

“Fear. The year is-”

“Nineteen-” Scream. Right hand punctured. 

“Wrong! We have nothing to-” the voice shouted. Tears poured down her face as she gasped for breath.

“Fear. We have nothing to Fear.” 

“Excellent Julia.”

“The year is wrong.”

“Excellent Julia.”

“We have nothing to Fear. The year is wrong.” 

“Perfect Julia.” The Tormenter leaned in, tossing her flushed and soaked face back at her. “Time to wake up.” And she did. 

By TKH Hamilton 

Penumbra Returns!

Readers and Subscribers,

Hello? Is this thing on? Well I hope so! Alright enough with the goofy introduction. I have news. Penumbra is back and it is going to look different. 

I lost control of the story. I tried to do way more than I could manage at my current skill level. So I decided it was time to change some things. The first big change is that Penumbra season 2 is no longer canon. Not to say I might not take some stuff and copy it into the new Penumbra, but for now that stuff effectively is being retconned out. So everything in Penumbra season one still stands, and this new Penumbra will pick up from there. 

So, I know a bunch of people are about to get messages that I’ve posted again. I hope people read this and decide to read more of my blog. I appreciate constructive criticism and feedback. I hope you all enjoy Penumbra: Nightmare. 

TKH Hamilton.
TLDR: I’m back! Penumbra’s Back! Season 2 isn’t canon! Penumbra: Nightmare will replace it and starts Tuesday, 6/21.