Penumbra: Trap (part one of two)

Cap was pissed. Orange knew better than to get involved in something like this. She looked at Clark lying on the infirmary bed and at Julia sitting next to him. She was wrapping his wounds on his arm.
“What purpose does that suit have?” Cap asked to the three of them.
“It could, theoretically, bring down a class five nightmare.” Clark groaned. 
“Class four is theoretical.” Cap waved her hand. She looked at the baffled Julia and smiled. “The dreadnought you fought, the whale with tentacles, was a class two nightmare. Those occur naturally when an entire household’s fears come together. A class four would be if all the fears of everyone in the state of California coalesced into a single nightmare beast. There are no natural bonding agents powerful enough for one of those to form.”
“Naturally? What about artificially?” Julia asked. 
“As I said a class four is theoretical. Some artificial bonding agent or some global event acting as a catalyst could create something unlike anything we have seen before.” Cap looked at Orange. “Why didn’t Ipsilon say anything? How did he pull it past him?” Orange only shook her head. 
“I’m the wrong person to ask Cap. If you asked me how strong or fast it was I could tell you.” Orange stood up straight and began to talk faster. “He was running at half, he seemed slow and bulky and he didn’t fight like he usually does.” Orange added excitedly, Clark groaned and she paused. Her speech slowed as she told the Captain: “I don’t think he meant to hurt Clark at all. But why he did it? I got nothin’ Cap. I still don’t know how Green got past me.” Cap just nodded. She tapped her foot impatiently. Her eyes closed and teeth clenched tight. A buzz came from her pocket and she pulled a cell phone out. She frowned at the message. 
“Agent Orange and Agent Shepherd report to the hangar for deployment. I’ve received a potential alert level three on the south end of town, I’m sending Σ and Ipsilon as well. I’ll deal with this mess later.”

By TKH Hamilton 

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