For The Lost

I strayed from His presence
I thought I would find freedom
I thought I would gain great riches
I thought I could find more joy
But I did not
I found myself in darkness
I was struck by evil men
They struck me and caused pain
Then the LORD crushed me
For I had betrayed Him
Then I turned home 
My eyes swollen
My limbs bruised
My body crushed
Stomach emptied
The LORD took pity on me
He wiped my tears
Healed my limbs
He straightened my back
Filled my stomach
Though my name was dirty
Though I hade no honor
He shined my name like gold
He raised me above the highest kings
His grace has made me great
O child in darkness!
O lost brother!
O confused sister!
Follow the savior!
He is the only guide home!
The road home is narrow and steep
None can find it without a guide!
None can follow it without falling!
So follow in the saviors footsteps!

By TKH Hamilton


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