Penumbra: Shoot out (part two)

The boy looked at the two cowboys. They seemed extra polite, and had showed his mom badges. That was what sheriffs did. 
“We’d like to come in and observe his tendencies. Look over the house and see if there might be some toxin or pollutant causing this.” The dark one said. 
“Come in, he’ll have to check all the doors again anyway now.” The mother sighed and ushered the men in. 
“Alrighty kiddo we’re just here to help you hold down the fort. Mind showing us how it’s done. Jimmy nodded and walked around the house checking every window and door. Then he went and did it again. Then he checked a third time. He opened his revolvers. Eleven plastic bullets filled the guns. That wouldn’t do. Jimmy marched upstairs. He snagged another bullet from his neatly organized toy chest. He reloaded his weapon and holstered them. He went back downstairs and checked the windows and doors thrice over. Checked his revolvers for all twelve bullets. Then checked all the upstairs windows twice. He ran down the stairs and hugged his mom. 
“Done Tex?” The light skinned man asked. Jimmy nodded and led his mom to his room. She tucked him in and smiled. “Mind if we stay in here Tex? Just in case?” Jimmy nodded and then fell gently asleep. 
Less than an hour later everyone had fallen asleep. Everyone, but the two Penumbra agents. E looked over at Σ and whispered at him. The agent turned silently and raised an eyebrow.
“Glad your back.” E said.
“I wasn’t going to let something like that keep me down.” Σ replied. 
“No. We all thought you’d leave Smallfield though. Go back to the islands, or the academy.” 
“I thought about it.” Σ muttered. There was a pause before he continued. “I need the islands as an open option though, if I need to run. I can run there. But that only works once, if I go back I would probably never leave. The academy though, I could have gone there.  I think though, Shepherd proves there is way more to this job than books.” 
“What do you think of our newest member?”
“She’s green and not Green. I think she’s-” the sound of something rattling the windows woke jimmy. The agents reached into their coats. They draw flashlight like pistols from their coats. Σ stepped to the window and peered out. 
A dozen figures in tattered black shawls crowded around the house. They moved slowly and checked every door. They had no flesh on their faces, only skulls with hollow black eye sockets. One of the group leapt up and smashed through the window. Jimmy was halfway to his revolvers when the two agents shredded it. Their flashlights fired bursts of silver light at the specter. 
“Woah.” Jimmy whispered. The two agents saluted and smiled. 
“There’s more.” The dark one spoke. 
“This’ll be the last night you have to deal with them though.”

By TKH Hamilton

About a lonely girl

Let me tell you a story. A story about the things we usually miss. You see long ago, in this broken world, there was a country. It was a country ravished by wars. It passed between various conquerors until it wound up in the hands of one of the greatest kingdoms of all time. It wasn’t a real prize, but it came with the spoils of war. A broken world, and an unwanted country.
Now the people of this country weren’t well liked. Their neighbors walked on the other side of the street as they approached, or pulled children close in fear. The officials of the ruling kingdom saw them as nothing more than troublemakers and low lives. Those in power would avoid the whole country, adding on weeks of travel time, to avoid this nation and her people. A broken world, an unwanted country, and a hated people. 
In this country was a city. Long ago it might have been a hub of trade. Then the wars happened. People found new ways to get where they were going. The city fell on hard times as the world abandoned it. A broken world, an unwanted country, a hated people, and a forgotten city,
Now one day, in the hot desert heat, a woman went to draw water at the well. It was the only well in town and was completely deserted at this time of day. Most people retrieved water for the families in the morning when it was cool. They came and drew water and talked. The woman knew they didn’t like her. She used to hear the conversation stop as she drew near. She used to see them turn away as she pulled up water. They had rejected her and so she stopped drawing the water with everyone else. Now she came when the only company was the scorching sun and the bugs. A broken world, an unwanted country, a hated people, a forgotten city, and a lonely girl.
Now on that day, in that broken world, a teacher and his students were traveling through that unwanted country amongst the hated people. He came upon that forgotten city, and telling his students to get food, he went to the well and met the lonely girl. The teacher spoke to her. The girl nearly dropped her bucket down the well. No one talked to her. No one looked at her. No one knew her. The teacher spoke again.
“Can I have some water?” He smiled kindly as he sat on the edge of the well. 
“Why are you asking me?” She snapped at him before turning away and lowering her bucket down. The teacher watched for a moment or two.
“If you only knew who was asking you.” He chuckled to himself. “You’d ask me for a drink.” To this the girl only snorted. 
“The well is deep down you don’t even have a cup.” She pulls up her bucket. “Who do you think you are to make a claim like that?” He watched her struggle with the rope a while before speaking again.
“Everyone who drinks this water comes back every day, still thirsty.” He pauses as if to allow her to object. “The water I offer is living water. When you drink it, you will never thirst again.” He didn’t say it like a traveling salesman, or like a madman, but like a teacher. For a second she almost believes him. 
“I’d like some of that water.” She snarked at the teacher. Deep down she wanted it. She wanted to never ever have to come to the well. She wanted to avoid the judging eyes and the cruel voices. The teacher just smiled and leaned forward. 
“Then bring your husband, I’m sure he would like some too.” The lonely girl locked eyes with the teacher. For an instant she wonders how much this stranger can see.
“I don’t have a husband.” She said as she broke her eyes away.
“You’re right.” The teacher spoke gently and still looked at her. “You’ve had five husbands. The man you live with right now definitely is not your husband.” There was no malice, no sneakiness, and no disgust in his voice. It was simply a fact. She clutched the bucket to her chest confused.
“You must be a prophet to know these things.” She looked at the teacher in fear. She had something she wanted to ask him about. “There’s this man…” She started before realizing she didn’t have to tell him about that. She didn’t have to tell him about the man everyone was waiting on. The man who was supposed to save them. The man who would throw off the oppressor’s chains. The man who would bring people back to God. The man who would save the world. He was a teacher. He knew all the stories. “Maybe he will be able to explain this to me.” She looked up and saw a look of glee in the teacher’s eyes. A look that asked “who else could offer you a drink like I have?” Her heart began to races she understood what he was saying.
“I am him.” She dropped the bucket and raced into town. Shouting “I found him! I found him!” She told people that she found a man who knew all about her, things about her life no one knew. The people paused. Did they really want all their darkest secrets known? Then the once lonely girl said, “and he didn’t hate me for it.” 
So they went. They went to see the man who had seen the lonely girl. They went to see the man who remembered their city. They went to see the man who loved a hated people. They went to see the man who cared about their unwanted country. They went to see the man who could mend a broken world. They went to see Jesus. 

Told by TKH Hamilton

For The Lost

I strayed from His presence
I thought I would find freedom
I thought I would gain great riches
I thought I could find more joy
But I did not
I found myself in darkness
I was struck by evil men
They struck me and caused pain
Then the LORD crushed me
For I had betrayed Him
Then I turned home 
My eyes swollen
My limbs bruised
My body crushed
Stomach emptied
The LORD took pity on me
He wiped my tears
Healed my limbs
He straightened my back
Filled my stomach
Though my name was dirty
Though I hade no honor
He shined my name like gold
He raised me above the highest kings
His grace has made me great
O child in darkness!
O lost brother!
O confused sister!
Follow the savior!
He is the only guide home!
The road home is narrow and steep
None can find it without a guide!
None can follow it without falling!
So follow in the saviors footsteps!

By TKH Hamilton

Penumbra: Shoot out (part one)

The sun began to sink just over the horizon as Jimmy prepared for war. He checked every lock on the house as his mother tapped her foot impatiently. Jimmy walked around the house a second time and checked them again. His mother sighed. He walked and checked a third time. His mother bit hard on her lip. The boy stood at the base of the stairs and checked the twin toy revolvers. He holstered them again and proceeded up the stairs. He checked every window on the second floor twice before checking his revolvers again. He holstered them. He walked down the stairs and hugged his mom. She exhaled and picked him up to hug him. She was way out of her league. She needed help. She would call tomorrow. 

The mother nearly screamed. Her son dropped and scrambled behind a plant by the entry way. He clumsily pulled out his revolvers and lined up with the door. The little pistols shot toy bullets, but they were a nasty surprise. The mother walked over to the door. She opened it and looked at the two men at the door. Before she could get a good look at them a loud noise filled the air. 
One of the men at the door smiled. He was much lighter in complexion than his partner. He had a hand up near his face and the mother wondered if her son had shot the man’s eye out. He moved his hand away. He dropped the little plastic projectile in front of him. Jimmy gasped. 
“Howdy miss,” the other man said. He tipped a comedically large cowboy hat at them. The other did the same simultaneously. They opened their coats and flipped open ID cards. “Lucky my partner was waving or we’d need to reschedule.” 
“Nice shooting Tex.” The light one said. “Ever shot a monster with one of those?”

By TKH Hamilton

A Long Way from Home

If home is where the heart does hide
Then there I’ll try to go
By salty sky or starry sea
I’ll go both high and low

Yet home is where my family lives
And they are still with me
Though brothers I have lost as well
Hellfire burned family tree

But home is where the songs all are
And silence is my peer
The road I walk is long and dark
The streets are filled with fear

Still home is where the table’s set
Oh I can smell it now
I’ll find food, friends, and family
I’ll make it there somehow

Oh home is where the peace is
But I’m a child of war
It is for King I march along
I fight to settle His score

So home is where I’m going 
To those places yet to see
With friends I haven’t met yet
It’s a long way home for me

By TKH Hamilton 

Penumbra: Host (part two)

The man looked at the bully. The bully reeled and grabbed at his nose. Blood dripped out and ran down his arm. He let out a seemingly inhuman groan at his accomplices. The man looked as them and smiled. 
“I’ll ask nicely.” He spoke gently and joyfully. It seemed as though he was keeping back a laugh from the angry crowd. “Play nice or don’t play at all.” The bully screeched and the thugs reached for something in hoodie pockets. “LET THERE BE LIGHT!” Declared the man, and a flash burned on the eyes of all present. When the light dimmed the man was gone. The colossal form of a near seven foot tall muscled hero stood in his place. A golden candle insignia shone bright on his chest. 
Should have run. 
The voices in the bullies head spoke again. The thugs launched into action. Each drew a hand gun and let loose a flurry of bullets. The hero didn’t flinch. When the smoke cleared  the hero smiled. He slowly raised a clenched fist up and opened it. Out tumbled every last bullet. 
“I’ll give you one last warning.” The hero spoke. “Those who live by the sword, die by it.” The thugs reloaded and raised their weapons. A fluke, or a trick, the bully thought. It wouldn’t happen again. The hero shrugged. 
All three thugs heads exploded as bullets ripped into them. If they had been able to perceive something at the speed of light, then they would have noticed the hero point their guns at each other instead of at him. When they fired, they shot one another. 
The bully called all the darkness he could muster. Worms fell from his mouth and all forms of moths came from his sleeves. He was calling on all the disgusting and gross forms he could. The hero stepped forward and seized the bully by the throat. He looked in the bully’s eyes. 
“You can call on the darkness all you want.” The hero said holding the bully out over the playground wood chips. The fiend kicked and screeched at the behemoth. “Eventually though the dark consumes.” He let go. The bully fell. The bully looked up and snarled. He looked down at his hands and screamed. A hundred gold and silver beetles were crawling up his arm. The  beetles bit and gnawed at him. The beetles ripped him apart until there was nothing left. 
“It is finished.” A blast of light and the man reappeared. He nodded and walked away.

By TKH Hamilton

There Will Come a Day

There will come a day 
when no more shall be saved
When the grain and chaff shall be separated
When the fruitless branch will burn
But so far as I know that is not today
There will come an hour
When songs will turn to screams
When tears will flow in rivers
When the seas will turn to blood
But this is not that hour
But today is not that day!
This hour is not that hour!
Today the grain still grows
Today there are branches yet to blossom
Today the lost can be saved!
Today there is hope
This hour songs still reach new ears
This hour tears of joy flow 
The seas are still clear and blue
This hour we still have hope

By TKH Hamilton